More than 15 years of experience in online media solutions!

>>> Multilingual: each service directly in Italian, English, Dutch and German*
>>> I freelance worldwide and willing to work at your facility!

Newsletter, Content management, Social Media & Web Monitoring:
   ● newsletters + Landing-page creation
   ● content management
   ● Social Media Profile Creation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)
     (also in collaboration with co-workers)

   ● Social Media maintenance & web monitoring (in collaboration with co-workers)

Web Design
   ● LOW BUDGETdynamic website creation
   ● dynamic website creation on Wordpress platform
   ● banner creation
   ● domain -and hosting registration
   ● search engine optimization (SEO)

Graphic Design:
   ● logo -and corporate identity design
   ● personalized brochures and flyers

Marketing planning -and consultancy

Translations in Italian, English and Dutch | * German language in collaboration with co-workers

Please contact me and I will help you to find the right solution for very affordable prices!
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