What I do

    I am a webdesigner, but my specialty is newsletter & landing page creation for e-mail marketing activities with a large experience in the wine & food industry.
    Being multipurpose: with me you get design and copy all-in-one, each service directly in Italian, English and Dutch
    I freelance worldwide and willing to work occasionally at your facility!

Newsletter, Content management & Web Design 
   ● newsletters + landing-page creation
   ● content management (creative and copy) for websites and social media
   ● website creation
   ● banner creation

Graphic Design: 
   ● logo -and corporate identity design
   ● personalized brochures and flyers

Translations in Italian , English and Dutch | * German and French language in collaboration with co-workers

 I communicate for you... 

Contact me for further information: info@pubbli-cita.com


CMC COMMUNICATIONS di Caroline Chrispijn | email: info@pubbli-cita.com | +39 349 2253669 | Tortona (AL) - ITALY | P.IVA: 02495620060